Chief Val Demings: I dealt with danger “while Marco Rubio was home in his bed sleeping”

MIAMI — Yesterday, former Orlando Police Chief and candidate for the U.S. Senate Congresswoman Val Demings, spent the day with communities across South Florida. She began with brunch with Black faith leaders, met with Jewish community leaders in Davie, visited a health clinic serving the Puerto Rican community, and gathered with Cuban-American leaders.

Here’s your key takeaway from Chief Demings’ day in South Florida:

Sun-Sentinel: Senate candidate and former cop Val Demings goes after Rubio. Says she dealt with danger ‘while Marco Rubio was home in his bed sleeping.’
By Anthony Man

Key Points

Demings: “For him to suggest — the lifelong politician Marco Rubio — that I have turned my back on the men and women that I — while Marco Rubio was home in his bed sleeping — that I helped to go respond to some dark, scary places, dealing with some dark, dangerous people, scary people, for him to suggest that I turned my back on law enforcement is just an indication of how desperate he is.”

Demings is touting her police background to blunt Republican attempts to wrap her with the most progressive elements of the Democratic Party. She rejected the progressive call for “defunding the police,” which Republicans effectively used to brand Democrats as soft on crime in the 2020 elections in Florida and elsewhere in the country.

“Defunding the police is crazy, it is ridiculous,” Demings said, adding that people in high crime areas don’t want to see fewer police. “They just want what they’ve always deserved, and that’s to be treated with dignity and respect.”

She said the sheriffs’ endorsements [of Rubio] don’t change the fundamentals of the race. “He still has one problem: He has got to run this race against me. None of the people he parades on a stage can run the race for him. He has got to face me in this race. And I think that thought scares him.”

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