Rep. Val Demings Slams Marco Rubio’s Obstruction of Voting Rights Legislation

ORLANDO — Today, former Orlando Police Chief and candidate for U.S. Senate Val Demings blasted Marco Rubio’s obstruction of voting rights legislation:

“It’s shameful and un-American that Marco Rubio is playing partisan games and blocking critical voting rights legislation because he’s too cowardly to face voters at the ballot box. Florida deserves a leader with the courage to stand for the rights of all Floridians, not just another politician who will abandon them in order to advance his own career.

“My mother was a maid, my father was a janitor. They worked long, hard days, seven days a week. But I can never remember a time that they did not press their way to the polls to cast their votes. They knew it was not just a civic duty, but a core part of the American Dream. I know the right to vote is sacred and a cornerstone of American democracy, and will do everything within my power to protect and expand that right in the United States Senate.”

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