Val Demings on the Passage of the Build Back Better Act

ORLANDO — Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act. In response, former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings, candidate for United States Senate, released the following statement:

“Florida families need urgent relief. Transformative access to child care, the biggest expansion of affordable health care in a decade, lower prescription drug prices, cleaner air and water, tax cuts for middle- and working-class families, generational investments in affordable housing, and tens of thousands of great jobs –– that’s what’s coming to Florida as a result of today’s historic passage of the Build Back Better Act.

“The Senate must move ahead and pass this legislation quickly, including critical provisions to cut prescription drug prices that are desperately needed and widely popular.

“I’m the daughter of a maid and a janitor, one of seven siblings growing up in a two-bedroom wood-framed house in Jacksonville. I still don’t know how my parents put food on the table and made it work for us, giving me the opportunity to become the first in my family to go to college. And it’s gotten even harder to get by for families like the one I grew up in. The investments that are one step closer to a reality today will help families like mine thrive in every corner of Florida.

“Together, the bipartisan infrastructure package and Build Back Better Act will lower costs for all of us and deliver the resources and support that will help Floridians raise a family, find and work a great job, and afford quality health care.

“There’s so much more to do, and it starts with replacing politicians like Marco Rubio who vowed to vote no on this critical legislation and who don’t have the vision and courage to stand up for Florida. That’s why I’m in this race for U.S. Senate, because I’ll never tire in the fight to get Florida families the help they need.”

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