Val Demings Tours Local Businesses in Tampa

TAMPA – Today, Rep. Val Demings traveled to Tampa for a day of public and community events as she builds momentum and support in her run for the United States Senate.

This morning, Demings toured local businesses with Mayor Jane Kastor and State Senator Janet Cruz. Demings visited Cuban-American-owned businesses across Tampa and touted the benefits of the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for small business growth, job creation, and opportunity in Hillsborough County and across Florida.

Congresswoman Val Demings said, “Local businesses here in Tampa and across Florida need our support. Local business has been hit hard by the pandemic, and now folks are struggling with rising costs.

“That’s why Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that will deliver tens of thousands of good jobs and tens of billions of dollars for Florida. These investments will deliver both economic opportunity, with the creation of good new jobs, and economic relief, by lowering the cost of goods for small businesses and working families across Florida.

“But, we cannot forget that our state’s senior senator, Marco Rubio, fought this effort. He voted against this commonsense bipartisan infrastructure package in a cynical partisan effort to advance his own political career.

“We need leadership in the U.S. Senate that will always stand up and do the right thing for families and local businesses. That’s why I’m in this race for U.S. Senate, to deliver the investments that make the American Dream accessible and affordable for every Floridian.”

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