Marco Rubio on Rubio-Scott Tax Hike: “I think it’s good”

Marco Rubio still refuses to condemn Rick Scott’s proposed tax hike on seniors and working families

ORLANDO— A week after Senator Rick Scott released a proposed plan to hike taxes on working families and seniors, Marco Rubio admitted that he has read about the plan and thinks “it’s good”.

The comment comes after Rubio repeatedly refused to condemn hiking taxes on millions of Americans and the Demings campaign released an ad slamming Marco Rubio’s failure to reject the Rubio-Scott Tax Hike.

“Marco Rubio made clear he’s committed to defending the Rubio-Scott Tax Hike and forcing Florida seniors and working families to pay for over a trillion dollars in tax cuts for massive corporations and the ultra-wealthy,” said Demings communications director Christian Slater. “Florida deserves better than a senator who is too cowardly to stand up to the party bosses and special interests that tell him what to do.”

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