Chief Demings’ Law Enforcement Colleagues Praise Policing Record

ORLANDO — Chief Demings spent 27 years protecting Orlando’s communities as a law enforcement officer and Chief of Police. Throughout her career, Chief Demings earned the admiration and support of her law enforcement colleagues.

Here’s what Chief Demings’ former colleagues have to say about her policing record:

“I know Chief Val Demings. I’ve worked with Chief Val Demings and I trust Chief Val Demings. So should the Florida residents. I typically wouldn’t vote for a Democrat, but because I know Val Demings, I definitely will vote for her.”

“It was an honor and privilege to work for Chief Val Demings because she supported the police officers while making the citizens of our community her number one priority.”

Eddie Lopez
U.S. Navy Veteran, retired police detective and SWAT officer

“She’s always been supportive of the police. She’s always tried to increase law enforcement’s presence in communities because she knows that’s what the community wants. And I’ve been out there in the community with her. And out there today, the community wants more law enforcement in their neighborhoods, and it doesn’t matter what side of town you’re on and what neighborhood. She realized that, and the idea that she would ever want to defund the police is absolutely crazy.”

“She was definitely not soft on the criminals. She was tough. She was assertive. But she was also fair to the people she dealt with in the streets.”

John Mina
Orange County Sheriff, former Orlando Chief of Police

“Knowing Val Demings like I do, for someone to tell me that she wanted to, or she wants to defund the police — I just find that ludicrous.”

“Val is an extremely honest person. She does what she believes. I don’t think Val Demings will ever change her core beliefs. She’s always going to be a leader, she’s always going to be honest. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the Democratic Party at all, but if there’s anybody within the Democratic Party that I do have confidence in, it’s Val Demings.”

Kelly Lowe
Army veteran, former Patrol Service Bureau Aid

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